Thank God, my wife’s taunts stopped: Akshay Kumar


Mumbai: Bollywood player Akshay Kumar said that his wife, Twinkle khanna always taunts to me but thanked that her taunts has stopped after the long time. According to Indian media report Akshay Kumar revealed this secretes during the discussion held in Jaipur. He said that my wife always taunts to me that every person of my family which is belongs to Film career has won a record. But still he did not won any award related to this field. Akshay Kumar said that recently e was awarded for the Movie Rustom after that her wife taunts stopped. Remember that Twinkle khanna also remains the Bollywood actress. Akshay and Twinkle got married in 2001. Akshay Kumar has spent the 25 years in Bollywood. But he had failed to get a big award till now, but now getting the award of Best Actor, he has closed criticism on him.



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