The army has ability to defeat the invaders: Chinese President

Beijing: Chinese President inspected the military parade on the occasion of the establishment of the People’s Liberation Army after completion the 90 years and warned the enemies that the Chinese army is capable to defeat the invaders. According to the foreign news agency Chinese government said that Chinese army   has the full ability to defeat the any kind of enemies. At this occasion Chinese program said to the army men that they should follow the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party and should follow the direction that the party should take. President of world largest army also examined the military parade on the occasion. Thousands soldiers participated at this occasion. Normally army day is celebrated in China on 1st august. This is the first occasion after the 1949 when the army parade was held at the army day in China. Chinese president examined the army parade for the first time in the field.  Defense experts say that to celebrate the Army Day is to convey the message to the enemy countries that China’s army is ready to deal with all kinds of threats. It is believed that the tension between the Indian and China forces on these days is at its peak.


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