The National Assembly passed the Bill of amendment in election bill 2017

The bill passed after the approval of the amendment bill in election bill 2017. National assembly approved the bill after approved the amendment bill in the election bill 2017. Federal law minister Zahid Hamid presented a motion to change the election bill’s name in which the clauses and oaths included in the names of the oath were adopted unanimously and the House passed the motion for election amendment Bill 2017. Expressing his views in the Assembly, Law Minister Zahid Hamid said that this bill is the result of three years, we had passed the historic bill, which are now editing, it was not a government-based bill on the report. Zahid hamid said that all the parliamentary parties have agreed to restore the old law. All political parties felt this fact that we should not to discuss this point. Moreover he said that this is the joint process of parliamentary committee. It was reported in to the house and it was not noted earlier.


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