The only purpose of Imran khan is to get the power: Hasil Bizenjo

Karachi: federal minister of ports and shipping national party Mir Hasil Bizenjo said that PTI is not a political party but a group of non-dramatic elements, the main purpose of Imran khan is to get the power. Mir hasil said that internal and external conspiracy of the country could not be succeed; always non dramatic forces have removed the elected governments, government power always finished by the corruption allegations. The main problem of the country is to terrorism. Moreover foreign policy and sectarianism are also country’s problems. Federal minister said that there is no any relation of army with  panama case.  Political parties only get the 30 votes in election. Even today PML (N) is the majority party in Punjab, while PPP is a big vote bank in Sindh. Federal minister said that Nawaz sharif is a democratic politician. It may the desire of Imran khan to disqualify the Nawaz Sharif. Nawaz sharif is the elected PM. there is not any system better than democracy. Most of people get the advantage from the democracy and resolve their problems through democratic government.



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