The United Nations has been obstructing to solve the issue of Rohingya Muslims, report

The foreign report has revealed that the United Nations had stopped human rights activists and relief volunteers to lift the problem of Rohingya Muslims in front of the Myanmar government. The BBC broadcasting agency has set a report on the protest against Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, in which their representative reviewed the situation and reported it. According to the report, the United Nations leadership in Myanmar tried to prevent the rights of Rohingya Muslims from taking over the government. Referring to a former United Nations official in the report, the UN head in Myanmar had prevented human rights workers from visiting sensitive areas where Rohingya was being tortured on Muslims. The report state that 4 years ago, the Canadian head of the United Nations team in Myanmar, stopped listening to the protest on Rohingya Muslims and also the members of human rights activists to visit Rohingya areas.


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