The US President has ratified Iran’s nuclear deal

Washington: US President Donald Trump confirmed the nuclear deal between Iran and the six world powers against the promise made during his election campaign. According to the Foreign News Agency, the US authorities announced that President Donald Trump has supported Iran’s nuclear deal and softness will remain continue to Iran’s economic sanctions instead of this agreement. It was believed that during his election campaign, Donald Trump had said that if he became president, we would eliminate nuclear deal with Iran, but he did not do it. Under the two-year agreement, Iran had admitted to limit its nuclear program. The Trump administration had a time till to 18 July to determine that whether the Iran was limiting its nuclear program or not. One official of white house do not show the name said keeping in view the information available to the US currently, Iran is fulfilling the conditions. A White House official said that the US President and Secretary of State have reviewed the activities of Iran and reached to this conclusion that Iran is limiting activities according to the nuclear deal, but according to the spirit of the contract it is not implemented. . It is believed that Iran also blamed the US That US did not fully carry out the sanctions related to nuclear deal.



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