The wax statue of Bollywood icon Madhubala to be displayed at the Madame Tussauds Museum

New Delhi: the wax statue of yester year actor of Bollywood Madhubala, who has reached at the heights of reputation, will be displayed at the Madame Tassauds Museum. According to Indian report this sculpture will be prepared by keeping in view her role which she adopted in super hit movie Mughal Azam. According to report, the sculpture of icon Bollywood actress will be shown in this year. This wax statue will be displayed at the Museum. Madhu Bala is considered to be the most successful actress of the Indian cinematography. Her famous movies includes Mughal Azam , Mr and Mrs 55, kala pani nad many other movies. It is clear that the sculpture of many actresses has already found in museum of London, but now these statues are being made in Delhi.


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