Milan: Experts from Italy have once again reviewed an ancient animal like a crocodile, perhaps it was the most dangerous animal living on earth, which hunted to dinosaurs. A few years back a skull of an animal and fossils of teeth was discovered from Madagascar which is called Razanandrongobe sakalavae or simply Razana. We can imagine through the skull and teeth fossils that this animal would have been like a big crocodile, while it was found in the area of Madagascar before 17 years ago. The size of this crocodile was 23 feet and its weight from 1760 to 2200 pounds. We can say that this crocodile is so big from the elephant.  Razana experts told about the teeth after the research that their strongest and sharpness indicates that these teeth were eat the meat. The length of the teeth was 15 cm long, which are similar to dinosaur Trecks teeth, whereas this skull is similar to the today crocodile’s skull.



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