Tough terms approve on Pakistani defense aid in US house of representative

Washington: US house of representative have approved the bill to enhance defense cooperation with India and to impose the strictly implement on Pakistan’s aid. According to foreign media, US House representatives approved the Defense Policy Bill of $ 621.5 billion, in which strict conditions imposed on aid given to Pakistan, while the Trump Administration has been directed to increase defense cooperation with India. The National Defense Policy Bill 2018 was presented in the lower house, in which 344 votes were cast in the favor and 81 votes were cast in against, and this bill would be implemented on October 1. Strict complaints are imposed in Pakistan in this bill. According to new conditions Pakistan should safety the NATO supply routes to take the aid. We should take the important steps in the counter terrorism operations. On the other hand approval of defense cooperation with India has improved in bill. In which the US members are also played the significant role. US defense minister and foreign minister form a strategy to increase defense cooperation.



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