Veena Malik calls the narendra Modi a Snake

Karachi: according to Veena Malik declared that India and Israel both are devil countries and PMs of both countries are responsible for Muslim distortion. Indian PM visited to Israel on a three-day visit, where he has signed the two day agreements after the meeting with Israel PM. on the other hand Israel declared to support the India against the Pakistan. Veena mailk said that the purpose of these both PM is to destroy the Muslims. Both of them are the thirsty of blood of Muslims. Veena reacted very brutal on Narendra Modi visit to Israel and she said that Narendra modi is snake. According to veena point of view both countries are same because both the countries punishing the people in Kashmir and Palestinians. She said that that it is going to be said that the purpose of this visit is to strengthen the diplomatic relations between the two countries, but the defense objectives are clearly seen behind this visit. It is clear that Narendra Modi is the first PM who has visited the Israel.


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