Why is the chaudhry Nisar angry?

LAHORE: Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan expressed in his views that he will not postponed to his press conference, he has a right to express his complaint as a member of a responsible party. Nobody expect from me the behavior of unprofessional. I knew what the interest of party is and what the interest of government is. Shahid khaqan Abbasi, Khawaja Saad Rafique met with the interior minister in Punjab governor house. Both said to interior minister that we both have the good expectations from you in this difficult time. You are the valuable assets of the party. You always played the important role for the party improvement. So you have to keep your reservations and complaints for your coming days. Don’t do the press conference on Sunday. Its effects will not be good party.  Chaudhry Nisar said to minister that to remove the doubts about my personality in the press conference is my right and I want to use my right. According to sources CM Shahbaz sharif met with the interior minister secretly, in which interior minister discuss his matter completely. Moreover he discusses the reasons of angry. CM assured to interior minister that his all the complaints will be removed, each of his legitimate matters will be considered on which interior minister has softened. Interior minister said that he will not leave the party and PM. he will not avoiding to speak the true according to his conscience.


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